Many thanks to the small group of people below. Their advice, assistance and comments during the development of this program has been appreciated:-

Thomas L Bont (Programming Advice, Suggestions)

Ron Brown (Downport)

Hugh Foster (Beta Testing, Programming Advice, Suggestions)

Charles E Gannon (Beta Testing, Suggestions)

Jesse DeGraff (Beta Testing, Suggestions, Graphics)

Hunter Gordon (GRIP Advice)

David E Hefner (Provision of original FTP site)

Derrick Jones (Beta Testing, Suggestions, Programming Advice, Sowing the Random Seed)

Jason Kemp (Beta Testing, Suggestions, Programming Advice, CT Guru)

Andy Lilly (BITS)

Colin Michael (Downport)

Dominic Mooney (BITS)

Scott Spieker (Beta Testing, Suggestions, original HTML IS Form 23)

David J Smart (Beta Testing, Suggestions)

Derek Stanley (Beta Testing, Suggestions, TNE Guru)

Traveller Downport (Provision of Host site)

BITS (Provision of Mirror site)

Quiklink Interactive, Inc (GRIP)

Thanks to the following people for their contributions to the program:-

Matthew Bond

Rob Day

Andy Gibson

Brian Howard

Robert Kondrk

Paul Lucas

Terry Mixon

M.D. Peters

Robert G Towersey

Jim Vassilakos

Steve Wilds

Nick Wright

With thanks to the members of The Heaven & Earth Mailing List. Their comments, suggestions and support during the production of this program has been invaluable.

Thanks to my Family and Friends who have had to put up with my work on this program for the last two years.

Alternative World Generation system concept by:-

Jeff Zeitlin

Jim Vassilakos

Derek Wildstar

Mark Clark

Bruce Pihlamae

Steve Bonneville