Version 1.0.0 of the program includes all of the features available in WBD V5.2 plus the following:-

  • An improved interface.

  • Extensive use of Tabs to provide an intuitive method of travelling between information.

  • No limits to the amount of detail that can be generated.

  • Ability to select systems/worlds from Sector/Subsector Maps

  • A new System Map based on the Traveller 2300 System Map format.

  • Ability to select worlds from the System Map.

  • Ability to generate systems using CT, MT, TNE & GURPS rules.

  • Ability to generate worlds using MT World Builder's Handbook, TNE World Tamer's Handbook and GURPS First In rules.

  • Ability to generate Full Sectors or Full Subsectors.

  • Ability to apply TNE Collapse Effects to System/World UWP.

  • Ability to generate World Maps (already implemented in WBD V5.2).

  • Ability to create User Notes.

  • Ability to create Links to User Notes.

  • Improved HTML output.

  • Increased efficiency and speed.

  • Ability to edit UWP data prior to System/World generation.

  • Ability to edit World Maps.

  • Ability to edit Sector Maps.

  • Ability to view pregenerated System/World details.

  • Improved Bitmap output (8bit GIF instead of 24bit BMP).

  • Ability to search for specific System characteristics.

Version 1.1.0 of the program will include the following features:-

  • Ability to edit individual World details after generation.

  • Choice between T2300 and MT System Maps.
  • Jump Calculator.

Future versions of the program will include:-

  • Ability to store System/World details in a database.

  • Ability to generate and navigate through VRML/OpenGL Systems (The programming language for this feature is to be decided).