Heaven & Earth (H&E) is based on World Builder Deluxe. The software has been radically redesigned providing a better user interface and greater efficiency.

H&E generates extended World Details for Worlds, Satellites, Systems and Sectors as per the rules detailed in the Classic Traveller Scouts sourcebook, Megatraveller World Builders Handbook, New Era World Tamer's Handbook and GURPS First In sourcebook. Sector, System and World Maps can also be generated.

H&E also allows the user to generate Encounter Tables, Psionic Institute Profiles, Economic Profiles, Military Profiles, Trade & Commerce Profiles and Important NPCs as per the rules detailed in the T4 Rulebook, Psionic Institutes, Pocket Empires, Imperial Squadrons and MT Referee's Manual sourcebooks respectively.

H&E is compatible with World Builder Deluxe Sector files (*.WBS), TrTools Sector files (*.UWP), Standard Sector Files (*.SEC), Galactic Sector files (*.SEC) and GRIP Sector Files (*.TAS6S).