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A Traveller Radio Play

by Jon Woodland

Presenting what I like to consider the first and only Traveller radio-play. Although there may be others out there, I seriously doubt it.

The Chronicles of Ted D. Flask
A science fiction radio-play
Copyright 1988, The MIDI Cops (Jon Woodland and Ron Parker)
Script by Ron Parker, Jon Woodland and Beth Woodland
Produced and Engineered by the MIDI Cops at the Vancouver Community College, King Edward Campus MIDI lab.

The complete play and theme song are available at http://www.edgetonestudios.com/music/chronicles/TheChroniclesOfTedDFlaskMaster.mp3 in 128bit Stereo MP3 format.

Campaign Background
About the Radio Play
About the Author
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The Chronicles of Ted D. Flask Theme Song
Music: Jon Woodland
Lyrics: Ron Parker, Kim Jacobsen, Jon Woodland
Synthesizer, Electronic percussion, MIDI programing: Jon Woodland
Vocals: Marlene Kumnick
Guitar: Brian Starky

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)
Narrator: Jon Woodland
Captain Antilles: Don Reibin
Ted D. Flask: Ron Parker
Chalkie: Beth Woodland
Lephit: Jon Woodland
Tal-Ku: Don Reibin
Carson: Jon Woodland
Bridge Computer: Ron Parker
Security: Mark Tibando
William Rumfoord: Mark Tibando
Tnishia Xagock: Marlene Kumnick
Rhicolla: Mark Tibando
Guard: Ron Parker
Keith Von Striker: Mark Tibando
Base Computer: Marlene Kumnick

Rating: PG Occasional course language, violent actions by characters.

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