Archive facts:

The archives of HIWG
number in the thousands
and, though they are
mainly text, amount to
over 300MB.

Some of the files
have been published
on other web sites
over the years, but
thousands still remain
to be published on
the World Wide Web.

This list of files
will be growing as
time goes by, drawn
from the HIWG CD
and reformatted for
ease of reading
and use. Yet there
is one large project
that has never been
done for this wealth
of information...

A proper index!
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General HIWG Documents:

The Travellers' Aid Society (PDF) NEW
History, benefits, operation and role-playing information to help bring the TAS to life in your campaigns.
By Greg Videll and Mike Mikesh.

Lucan's effect upon Imperial Navy (ZIP)
Document discussing how Lucan affected the Imperial Navy during the rebellion.
By David Schneider.

Member 142 (ZIP)
Collected documents by Roger Myhre.
Mainly TNE related stuff.

Member 188 (ZIP)
Collected documents by Stuart Machin.
Mostly MT stuff.

Solomani in Aldebaran (ZIP)
A MT document discussing Solomani influence in Aldebaran.
By Richard A. Bool.

Sector and Domain documents:

Vanguard Reaches Library Data (PDF) NEW
A collection of info on the Paranoia Press version of the Vanguard Reaches. Also available as Plain Text document.
By Chuck Kallenbach

Dagudashaag Sector (ZIP)
Collected documents on Dagudashaag Sector.
Mostly MT related stuff.
Author Unknown.

Gushemege Sector (ZIP)
Collected documents by David Lai on Gushemege Sector.
MT related information.

Gvurrdon Sector (ZIP)
Collected documents by Roger Myhre on Gvurrdon sector.
Both MT and TNE related information.

Yiklerzdanzh Sector (ZIP)
Collected documents by HIWG Australia on Yiklerzdanzh sector.
Mostly TNE related information. Also see the HIWG Australia web site.

Sector Files of 1120 (ZIP)
ZIP of Sector UWP for sectors in 1120.
Collected and corrected by Clay Bush.

Sector files of 1200 (ZIP)
ZIP containing sector files for TNE.
Collected and corrected by Clay Bush.

Sector Library Files (ZIP)
Self extracting archive containg library files for sectors.
New version uploaded 10 September 1997.
Mostly MT. Collected by Clay Bush.

Subsectors (ZIP)
A collection of Subsector names.
Collected by Clay Bush.


Navigator Files
Installable files for Traveller Navigator from Planet 3. Downloadable files are:
Deneb (Win EXE)
Spinward Marches (Win EXE)
Diaspora (Win EXE)
Old Expanses (Win EXE)
Reft (Win EXE)

Sector Generator Program (ZIP)
Sector generation program in basic.

Traveller Word Generator (ZIP)
Language word generator for Traveller.
It runs under DOS.
Last update: February 15, 1996

House Rules:

Sensor Rules for Traveller (ZIP)
A homebrew on a generic use on sensor in a more simplified way.
Fits for MT/TNE/T4 types of Traveller.
By Roger Myhre.

Starship Combat (ZIP)
House rule combat for TNE starships. This document is in PDF format containing graphics.
I never seem to get this document quite right.
Updated 27 January 1998.
By Roger Myhre.


CT Adventures (PDF) NEW
A complete list of adventures in official Traveller publications from 1977 through 1987. Four pages.

GravBall (PDF) NEW
Traveller rules for a high-action, zero-G version of Jai-Alai!

Mega Corporations (PDF) NEW
CT/MT era megacoporation reference. Five pages.

Starship Design and Procedures (ZIP)
A short discussion of a few items in FF&S starship design for TNE.
File contains both Word 6.0 and ASCII text file.
By Roger Myhre.

Starship Weaponry (ZIP)
TNE beam weapons for starships. Designed using FF&S.
UPDATED 28th November 1997. The file now is in PDF format.
By Roger Myhre.

Allegiances (ZIP)
Allegiance codes for CT/MT/TNE editions of Traveller.

Traveller History (ZIP)
A concise history of Traveller history from before the ancient and up to 1116. Based on material collected from GDW and DGP Traveller products.
Written by Clay Bush


Deep Shadows (ZIP) NEW
Adventure as a Zhodani on the Core explorations during the period of the shattered Imperium. As a continuation of the series Shadows, Research Station Gamma, and Twilight's Peak, this further explores the secrets of the ancients.


Terran Republic Insignia (GIF) NEW
Official insignia of the Terran Republic c.1202 ID, in three versions.

Hiver Federation Map (GIF)
Map over Hiver Federation and surrounding areas.
Made by Leroy L. Guatney.

Imperial Mains Map (GIF)
Map over the central Imperial mains during the Third Imperium.
Made by Leroy(?)

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