Pleasure Yacht: Victoria

The Victoria was custom built for multi-billionaire Thurston Howell III. He had Victoria built after an unfortunate experience with a charter yacht (he was aboard the HMS Minnow on a three week cruise when the Minnow crash-landed on an uncharted desert planet. Howell, his wife, the incompetent Minnow crew of two, and three other passengers [including a famous movie star, and the rest] were stranded on this planet for several years - numerous opportunities for rescue were lost due to the incompetance of the junior member of the Minnow crew).

The Victoria has a 700 ton displacement, with a closed, partially streamlined hull.

Power plant: Q (rating of 4)
Jump: J (jump 2)
Maneuver: Q (4G)

She carries 180 tons of fuel, and has 20 tons of cargo space.
She has a model 7 fiber optic based computer.

She has one triple turret with a mix of 1 beam, 1 missile, and 1 sand casting weapon mounts.

The Victoria has been custom built from the ground up. She's the first and so far only ship in her class. She was specially designed to be operated by a minimum crew of one person. Typically, however, she has a technical crew of six (pilot, nav [captain], doctor, and 3 engineers), a steward crew of five (butler, chef, 2 maids, and chauffeur), plus Howell, his wife, and their pet toy poodle. In an emergency the ship has life support capacity to support 35 people for the full week of jump and intra-system maneuver.

Construction cost was over triple what a normal 700 ton ship would cost due to unique custom design, high levels of automation, and extra safety and redundancy features. (I'll figure out the cost some day.)

The Victoria may land at standard starports, but she has several specially designed home ports on Howell's private estates. These custom ports are essentially square holes in the ground which allow The Victoria's lower sections to submerge below ground. When the ship has completed its landing it sits so that ground level is between the basement and first floors. In this way the ship looks like a normal house when inspected from a distance of over 50 or so yards (up close there are numerous features which are a dead give-away for a NON-standard house). Sub floor air-locks mate to access tunnels for the crew.

Overview image (clickable)

First floor     Larger view

Second floor     Larger view

Attic (third floor)     Larger view

Basement     Larger view

Fuel Deck 1     Larger view

Fuel Deck 2     Larger view

Engineering Top Deck     Larger view

Engineering Sub Deck     Larger view

Front View     Larger view

Left View     Larger view

Right View     Larger view

Back View     Larger view

Bottom View     Larger view

Top View     Larger view

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