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February 22, 2002 Once again its been a while since the last update. This time we have worlds in Deneb sector by Pete Gray and worlds in Old Expanses by Richard Perks. In the VERA section several vehicles were added along with two cannons. Pete Gray started a "Call to Arms" Competition for starship design. The Salamander Gunship is on the SARA page along with several assualt shuttles and the n Pihbhebaldelyo Patrol Cruiser . More entries will follow. Finally the DANI got several new NPCs by Alvin Plummer in the Regency section, while Matti O'Conner was added to the Neutral Parties section. In other news, Paul Walker the original creator of the BARD pages has returned to Traveller and will help convert some of the backlog of submissions to HTML.

July 26th Pete Gray continues to produce world write ups. Most of the new worlds are in Deneb, but there are two new Trojan Reaches worlds. Pete is not the only one writing worlds. Richard Perks submitted a write up of the Edge and I wrote up Exage; both are in the Old Expanses. In addition to the new worlds, I reorganized the OPAL section. Now each sector is a separate page. I think this will make it easier to navigate.

In the VERA section there are several new civilian automobiles and an interdiction satellite. The SARA page has the Star Armoured Merchant, Imperial Leviathan Merchant Cruiser, Oberlindes Cargo Carrier and the Furlong Fleet Courier.

July 9th Its another big update. I believe I have finished off all the material Pete Gray has sent into the mailing list. This includes a number of worlds in the Trojan Reaches, the UWP updates for Spinward Marches, Troy and the Reft. There is also his stats for Foreven in OPAL and various library data entries in GAIL. Also in GAIL is a chart of habitable temperature zones for planets. In the VERA section there are several updates to vehicles that Pete wrote and a fusion pistol by Antti. SARA has corrections to the Gargoyle Battle Rider and the Zdebr Freighter. In the DANI section there is a write up of the Vargr Pack, and D'Yan, an insane Vargr in the Neutral Party section. I created a Regency NPC section and I have started to convert several NPCs that Alvin Plummer submitted to the TML many years ago. I also moved the NPCs from the NIS page, and in fact the NIS page has been totally merged with the BARD pages and it no longer exists. Finally I updated the web page about the mailing list to give directions for the new mailing list.

June 26th As you can see, its been quite a while since the last update. I guess I took a break from Traveller, but I am back in the swing of things now. Once again Pete Grey contributed many of the new pages. He wrote up worlds in Deneb, Foreven, Reft, and the Trojan Reaches. Dedly posted a world in Corridor and another in the Riftspan Reaches. A lost file from the Manifest destiny campaign surfaced and it provides 1212 UWPs for Deneb. Pete also wrote up several smaller worlds in the Spinward Marches, ideally they each would have their own page, but in order to get everything converted I put them all on the same page. These all appear in the OPAL Section.

In the VERA Section there are many new vehicles, including the first wet navy vessel, the first blimp and several hovercraft. Along with several library data write ups for the Regency by Pete, there are also rules for wet navy vessels and new psionic skills in the GAIL section. The SARA section has many new starships including many Zhodani and Aslan ships. The CARI section has TNE conversions of the Bwaps and the Githiaskio along with a listing of the Zhodani Fleet in the Spinward area of the Imperium.

Still left to convert is the rest of Foreven Sector UWPs, Pete's explanation for UWP changes in the Regency and some weapons. I will probably get rid of the NIS page and consolidate everything on the BARD pages. This will mean adding Regency NPCs to DANI, and I have an entire file of NPCs that I never converted.

January 29th Another update and Pete Grey still dominates the new writeups. There are almost 80 new writeups. Most of them are planets set in Foreven, Spinward Marches and the Trojan Reaches, as always they are in the OPAL Section. There is also a write up of the worlds of the Sitah Region in the Old Expanses by yours truly. In addition Pete Grey has spewed out a number of Aslan and other ships in the SARA section. There is also the Pellew Corvette and a new version of the Manzikert Destroyer, I had mistakenly deleted the old version.

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