Bureau of Aggregate Reference Data

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BARD is the reference library for the common Reformation Coalition Citizen. On the surface, that is. Beneath the surface, BARD is much, much more.

BARD is the main intelligence storage facility for the Coalition. BARD is the main point of contact for the free trader network, and many Coalition operations are planned by the BARD group. Simply, all intelligence information in the Coalition will usually pass through BARD before being disseminated.

In game terms, this means that most players will be briefed and debriefed by BARD workers before and after any missions they undertake. BARD will often be responsible for deciding who gets assigned to what missions.

The BARD Library currently consists of eleven different departments, each concentrating on a particular aspect of the Traveller game. The departments are listed below along with the extended name and what aspects of the game can be found in the files of that department.

CARI - Coalition Abstracts of Racial Information.
Information on both major and minor races in the Traveller universe. Including history, physiology, motivation, and character generation information.
DANI - Descriptive Abstracts on Notable Individuals.
NPC's of all shapes sorts and sizes.
GAIL - Generally Available Information Library.
Anything that doesn't fit elsewhere.
HANA - Historical Archive Narative Agency.
History information on the Traveller universe.
ICIS - Interplanetary Corporate Information System.
Mega-Corps and Corporations
JESS - Journal for the Education of Sentient Society.
Education institutions and additional Career/Education character generation sequences.
MARI - Mission Assessment and Ranking Information.
Adventure write-ups.
OPAL - Office of the Planetary Advisory Liaison.
RC member world write-ups and shorter briefs on non-member worlds.
PERI - Pocket Empire Reference Information.
Information about rumored pocket empires in the Wilds.
SARA - Starship Abstract and Registration Archive.
Starships and Spaceships.
VERA - Vehicle and Equipment Registration Archive.
Vehicles and Equipment.
Throughout the BARD Library, there are small nuggets that are placed to enhance adventures with the 'color' of the RC. Many of the complaints about TNE are about the military nature of the adventures. The non-game purpose of BARD is to make TNE and the RC specifically less of a military place and more of an adventurers haven. We hope you enjoy,