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GLRA-13 Grenade Launcher

by Rupert Bolyen

This is the grenade launcher mounted on the RGAH-13.

GLRA-13 Grenade Launcher

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 13
Ammo : 30x34mmmm TL-13 low-velocity grenades
Muzzle Energy: 338 joules
Weapon Length: 27 cm
Weapon Weight: 1.56 kg loaded, 1.2 kg empty
Weapon Price: Cr240
Magazine Weight: None
Magazine Price: None (3-round internal tube)
Ammo Price: Cr1.2 (CHEM, ILLUM, HE, Shotshell), Cr1.8 (HEAP), Cr2.4 (SEFOP, WP/IS)
Ammo Weight: 120 g
Features: Underslung on the RGAH-13

WeaponROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S RangeIndirect Range
30mm GL SA As Ammo As Ammo 1 3 1 - 80 330

Ammo Type Damage Pen Val
30x34mm HE C:2, B:10 Nil
30x34mm HEAP C:1, B:10 29C
30x34mm SEFOP C:1, B:10 29C
30x34mm CHEM C:2, B:0 Nil
30x34mm WP/IS C:2, B:5 Nil
30x34mm ILLUM C:0, B:145 Nil

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