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Model 3 Gauss Sniper Rifle

by Harold Hale

An experimental weapon developed by Tarantino Limited several years ago, only twelve of these guns were ever manufactured. These were stored in a warehouse for a short time until they mysteriously disappeared. None of the guns has ever been recovered. A unique feature of this weapon is the special discarding sabot ammunition developed for it. DS rounds are generally not produced for gauss weapons because they are rather difficult to manufacture. The weapon was also designed to be used with an optional cybernetic eye implant which dramatically increases the short range of the weapon.

Model 3 Gauss Sniper Rifle

Weapon Details
Tech Level: 12
Ammo : 15 x 75mm
Muzzle Energy: 64,145.5 joules
Weapon Length: 165.79cm
Weapon Weight:30.17 kg loaded, 29.77 kg empty (includes weight of empty box magazine)
Weapon Price: Cr 4912.59 (includes cost of empty box magazine)
Magazine Weight: 12.25 kg loaded, 11.85 kg empty
Magazine Price: Cr 31.65 (Dart loaded), Cr 39.60 (DS loaded); Cr 23.70 (empty)
Features:Shock absorbing stock, electronic sight, gyroscopic compensator, laser sight
AmmoROF DamDice PenRtg Bulk Magaz SSBurst S Range
15x75mm Dart 5 17 2-2-3 11 15 1* 2* 320**
15x75mm DS 5 17 1-1-2 11 15 1* 2* 320**

* : Recoil is reduced by one if used with bipod
** : Short range without electronic sight
Notes: Maximum range with laser sight is 240 meters
Short range with bipod and cybernetic eye implant is 600 (520) meters.

Designer's Notes: This is kinda what I pictured the rail guns in the movie "Eraser" being like. More than likely, the firer would set up this weapon in a discrete location and then ambush the target from long range.

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