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G11 Assault Rifle

by Rupert Boleyn

This is a conversion of the German G11 assault rifle. My source for both was _Jane's Infantry Weapons_ (1994-95 for the G11, and 1998-99 for the AN-94). Funnily enough the calculated energy for the 5.45x39 is exactly the same as the ME listed in _Jane's_. As I chose a barrel length that would give the correct overall length I find this amusing, considering the difficulty one usually has getting real world weapons looking anything like how they should. The only thing I'm not particularly happy with is the low DV both rifles ended up with.

The most advanced infantry rifle made to date, the G11 fires a caseless round using a unique revolving action. I've rated the G11 as a TL9 design, as it uses caseless ammunition which indicates late TL8 or early TL9, and FF&S gives quite a big efficiency jump in muzzle energy that is IMO consistent with the use of caseless ammo. Like the AN-94 the G11 has a very high rate of fire in three round burst mode and thus when firing three round bursts the first burst is not effected by recoil modifiers, although its recoil is still counted when determining the recoil penalty for any other bursts fired during the round.

G11 Assault Rifle

Weapon Details
Tech Level: TL-9
Ammo : 4.73x33mm TL-9 necked
Muzzle Energy: 1207 joules (Tranq: 724 joules)
Weapon Length: 74.6 cm
Weapon Weight: 4.133 kg loaded, 2.486 kg empty, with no magazine
Weapon Price: 738 Cr
Magazine Weight: 1.647 kg loaded, 1.386 kg empty
Magazine Price: 2 CR
Magazine Type: 45 Round Box
Ammo Price: Cr0.12 (Ball), Cr0.24 (DS, HE, Tranq), Cr0.36 (HEAP)
Ammo Weight: 5.8 grams per round
Features: Bullpup stock, Optic sight and Grenade rings.
AmmoROF DamDice Pen ValBulk Magaz SS Burst S Range
Ball 3/5 2 1-Nil 4 452 3/5 50 (41)
DS 3/5 2 1-Nil 4 452 3/5 60 (49)
HE 3/5 3 Nil 4 452 3/5 40 (31)
HEAP 3/5 3 2-2-2 4 452 3/5 40 (31)
Tranq 3/5 -1* Nil 4 452 3/5 30 (24)

Note: Only the ball round is produced today. I've put the other rounds up in case anyone wants to use the G11 with other ammo types in their game.

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