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Type 37 Interdiction Satellite

design by Richard Perks

Originally presented in High Passage #4

The DDD&S Type 37 unmanned station was used by the Old Expanses sector government to protect worlds which it deemed necessary to interdict. The navy and scout service both used manned ships or satellites of their own design. Only a few examples of the Type 37 were produced, and several have been removed from service. In addition to performing most interdiction satellite functions under the supervision of its on-board robot brains, the type 37 can also be used as a manned observation station. Facilities on board can support three officiers and nine ratings. To provide refueling facilities a 10tn launch is stored onboard (with its own robot brain controllers). In the event that the satellite is used as a manned station, the launch is replaced with a 50th modular cutter. The Type 37's armament consists of nuclear missiles. Since most commercial ships do not carry nuclear dampers or significant armour, the missiles are usually effective. The satellite's high armour rating gives it sufficient protection againts the light armament of most commercial ships, even at point blank range.

The Type 37 responds to unauthorised intruders as follows:

  • 1. A warning is broadcast on mast radio frequenceis stating the system is inderdicted and off limits. Craft are ordered to refuel at available gas giants and leave the system at once. A recording of transponder codes is made for latter investigation.
  • 2. If the first warning is ignored, a second warning is broadcast stating the satellite is armed and will fire upon approaching vessels.
  • 3. If this is also ignored, the satellite will fire warning shots at the incoming ship and repeat the 2nd warning.
  • 4. If previous warning broadcasts and warning shots are ignored, the satellite will open fire to destroy the encroaching ship.

    Authorised vessesls can issue override codes to prevent the armed response from the satellite. Such vessels will have their transponder codes recorded, but otherwise will be ignored. A reset code also exists that will delete the transponder record, as well as to cause the satellite to generate a damage and resupply report.

    The Type 37 is depolyed within the Old Expanses sector, at the following locations

  • 134-635 - Ahri: 3 + 2 satellites (reinforced 1108 after a voliation of the inderdiction)
  • Arcolund - Rusco: 0 (5 satellites redepolyed at 134-635 & the edge with 1 satellite decommissioned, following replacement of interdiction satellites with a manned interdiction squadron in reponse to repeated attempts to violate the interdiction)
  • Cold Rock - Ventup: 3 satellites
  • the Edge- Ile: 2 satellites

    Type 37 Interdiction Satellite

    General Data

    Displacement: 200 tons Hull Armor: 1000
    Length: 28 meters Volume: 2800 m3
    Price: 106.25 MCr Target Size: S
    Configuration: Cylinder USL Tech Level: 15
    Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 6633.936 / 5527.394

    Engineering Data

    Power Plant: 336MW Fusion Plant, 1 year duration
    Jump Performance: 0
    Jump Fuel: 0 m3
    G-Rating: 1G, 6000tns thrust (1G performance with launch, 0.9G with cutter attached)
    G-Turns: 13
    Maint: 32


    Computer: 3xTL-15 Mod Fb Computer (fibre optic), 1 command robot brain (Int 6, high Autonomous full command), 4 support robot brains (Int 4, high autonomous full command)
    Commo: 300,000km radio, 1000AU maser
    Avionics: 300,000km radio, 1000AU maser
    Sensors: Passive EMS folding array 150,000km (5 range bands), active EMS 300,000km (10 range bands)
    ECM/ECCM: None
    Controls: 2 bridge, 2 gunnery, 8 normal


    Offensive 2xMissile Turret (Location 10, 11, Arcs All) 2 ready missiles each + 39 in storage)
    Defensive: None
    Master Fire Directors: None


    Life Support: Extended
    Grav Compensation: ???
    Crew: 0 (automated operation)/ 7-12 (1 Eng, 1 Man, 2 Gun, 1 Command, 2 flight, + upto 5 support / observation staff)
    Crew Accommodations: 1 x large stateroom, 11 x Small Staterooms
    Passenger Accomadation: None
    Other Facilities: None
    Cargo: 0 m3
    Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 50dtns docking ring, 10th fuel launch with 2 robot brains or 50dtn cutter if the station is manned
    Air Locks: 2


    No fuel scoops or purification plant (fuel gathering and purification is performed by attached small craft or servicing starship), Missile magazine for 39 missiles

    Damage Tables

    Location        Exterior                Interior
    1               ant                     Elec
    2               1-18 ant                1-4 elec, 5-20 quarters
    3               1-18 ant                quarters
    4                                       quarters
    5                                       quarters
    6               1 AL                    quarters
    7                                       quarters
    8                                       hold
    9               1-10 docking ring       hold
    10              docking ring            1-6 MT, 7-20 hold
    11              docking ring            1-6 MT, 7-20 hold
    12                                      quarters
    13                                      quarters
    14                                      quarters
    15                                      1-10 hold, 11-20 quarters
    16                                      1-10 hold, 11-20 quarters
    17                                      hold
    18                                      hold
    19                                      1-3 magazine, 4-20 hold
    20              1 AL                    Engineering
    Damage systems
    LSR 1H, SSR 1h each, LS 52H, AG 1H, sensors 1h each, docking ring 1h, PP 1H, M drive 1H, Turrets 1H

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