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AMDADS (Autonomous Mine Delivery And Dispersal System) The AMDADS is a booster package that allows any ship capable of firing standard space-combat missiles to lay a minefield. Each booster holds three MkIII mines or a suitable replica. The AMDADS is loaded and fired in all respects as a normal missile. It is controlled and powered by the mines carried inside. Before the minefield is laid, the mines must be programmed with their course and final positions. This can be done while they are inside the AMDADS (where they are normally stored). A MFD can automatically program and fire the boosters with minimal human oversight. Once the booster has delivered the mines, it can be retrieved for re-use or self-destruct into chaff, scattering debris for the mines to hide in.

AMDADS Booster

General Data

TL: 14
Price: MCr .0085 empty (MCr 5.92975 full)
Mass: 4.2856 tons empty (11.0114 tons full)
Size: Sub-Micro (7 cu. m)
Power: none (1 Mw power provided by mines)
Control: None (control provided by mines)
Thrusters: HEPlaR thruster providing 4G thrust
G-Turns: 16
Fuel: 7 m3

Due to the mass of the mines, the thrusters only provide 2-G actual thrust. The AMDADS has 140 kg of high explosive set throughout the device that is used to break it into pieces. The explosives are set to break up the booster with as little scattering of the pieces as possible.

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