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Camping Furniture

design by Nick Bradbeer

Modular Guard Tower

Comes in kit form, to be assembled as needed. Tower is a 3m-side triangular section made of 2.5 inch aluminium tubing fitted with universal clips at each end for rapid assembly. Tripod-mounted weapons may be mounted on the handrail if spigot-clamps are available.

Each tower requires a Top Section, which provides a platform and handrails. Below this may be added Tower Sections, each adding 2m of height. Each adds a horizontal triangle of tubes, a vertical 2m tube on each corner and a diagonal on each side made of two 2m tubes joined end to end. Each section includes a 2m section of lightweight aluminium ladder.

Finally, Buttresses are available for added bracing on rough ground. Two of the three tubes are joined to make a 4m bracing strut, while the third attaches close to the base of the tower and holds the buttress firmly in place. Up to two may be added at each corner.

Top Section: - 3m triangle, 1m high handrails; 6 x 3m tubes, 3 x 1m tubes, 6 x 15m guy wires. Floor meshing. Mass 30 kg

Tower Section: - 2m high. 3 x 3m tubes, 9 x 2m tubes, 2m ladder section - Mass 32 kg

Buttress for base (up to two on each corner) 3 x 2m tubes - Mass 6kg

Inflatable Camp Furniture

Made of lightweight flexible plastic, these allow luxuries of home to be taken to campsights. May be inflated orally or by a small compressor.

Washstand: Cuboid block 1m wide and deep and 1.2m high, this contains a sink-shaped recess in the top surface. Bags on the base may be filled with water for stability.

Chair: Anice comfy armchair - perfect for relaxing after a long day's hunting or hiking. It does squeak a little when the sitter oves around though.

Sofa: Like the above, but allowing for the fact that sometimes two friends want to sit together.

Bed: Obvious and important item for the camper more used to home comforts. Ten centuries of development have produced an airbed that can seal small leaks by itself, and doesn't squeak when you shift in the night.

Luxury Camp Furniture

The Gravbed: Utilising TL-12 contragravity technology, this barely portable unit generates a localised field allowing up to four people to sleep in free fall, eighteen inches above the ground. The unit requires a constant 10 kW supply while in use. Mass 20kg, plus another 13kg for a portable fuel cell if no generator available, Cost 3,000 Cr (+2000 for the fuel cell.)

The Gravchair: A novel application of Grav Belt technology, this device is intended for safari and expeditions on scenic worlds. The chair contains a CG unit, drinks cabinet, and a small table suitable for reading or playing cards. As a safety feature, the unit is powered via a cable from the ground, which also serves as a tether cable. The Grav Sofa is similar but more expensive, and allows two friends to enjoy a drink and the scenery together. The manufacturers are researching ways of facilitiating airborne Bridge games. Mass 100kg, Cost 100,000 Cr.

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