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Pretorian Guard CommandoWear

design by Chris Griffen

Pretorian Guard, headquartered at Pretoria (Deneb: 0406), is a highly reputable manufacturer of military hardware and weaponry systems. The company's CommandoWear combat armor was created primarily for use by upscale mercenary units and Regency Frontier military personnel. It was designed first and foremost with stealth, sensor acuity and small-arms defense in mind. Perfect for commando operations of all kinds.

CommandoWear is the newest addition in Pretorian Guard's combat armor offerings, which include CavalryWear, AssaultWear and InfantryWear models.

Pretorian Guard CommandoWear

General Data

Tech Level: 14
Armor Value:
Initiative Penalty: AGL -1, INIT 0
Armor Mass: 25 kg
Stored Volume: 43 liters
Endurance: Unlimited
Armor Price: 18,851 Cr
Power: None
Fuel: None
Standard Equipment: Equipped with environmental control, helmet sensor, chameleon surface, IR/LI faceplate, 30-km radio, integral hand computer and psi shield.


The helmet of the Pretorian Guard CommandoWear Combat Armor is the showpiece of the suit. In its open state (shown below) the 30-km communicator headset is visible. The helmet includes a two-tiered configurable goggle piece with the following settings:

The helmet also features an integral psi-shield for protection against all forms of psionic assault and detection.

The helmet may be closed and sealed to provide protection in adverse atmospheric conditions. A portable life-support system (PLSS) may be carried on the back of the armor to provide breathability in vaccuum or trace atmospheric environments. PLSS connections are located in the rear base of the helmet.


The mesh undersleeve provides enhanced protection at all of the major joints and works in concert with the armor shell's environmental control system for use in vaccuum and adverse environmental conditions.

The undersleeve also contains microelectronic synaptic transmitters that communicate body movements to the helmet sensor package. This enables the suit's sensory equipment to assist the wearer in combat maneuvers and to more accurately predict the relative location of the suit's owner to the target.

Armor Shell

The armor shell provides excellent protection against nearly all types of small arms and some heavy weapons. Made of latticed bonded superdense alloys, its light exoskeleton and plating protect the wearer from the physical wear and tear of the battlefield without causing major hindrances to reaction time or agility.

The armor plating is designed for maximum comfort and flexibility without sacrificing security around the joints. CommandoWear's chameleon surface provides camouflage in all environments. The illustrations below depict the chameleon surface plating in a rainforest environment.

An integral hand computer is included in one of the two forearm plates (configurable based on right- or left-handedness). In addition to the standard battlefield software suite, the hand computer contains software to adjust and maintain settings for the helmet sensory equipment.

Helmet, Open

Helmet, Sealed


Armor Shell

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