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Zenon Airship

design by Pete Grey

The Zenon is inspired by new airfoil-type airship designs rolling off of design boards and CAD machines in the US, Britain and Germany:

The Zenon is actually rather small compared to actual designs (the closest being ATG's SkyCat 200). This particular design is constructed by a small company on the Avalar world of Nesturgi (Foreven 2128) and acts as an effective substitute for grav vehicles, which are in rather short supply. The design is only rated for a dense atmosphere, and its payload reflects that fact. Volcanically derive helium is cheaply abundant on Nesturgi, and makes LTA travel cost competitive against more expensive contra-grav alternatives. The version below is primarily intended for mixed passenger/cargo service between the world's small downports and outlying communities. Other versions include larger freight-only versions, long durations fusion powered commo and information relays, and surveillance and SAR versions in service with the Nesturgi Coast Guard.

Zenon Airship

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Price: 34.497 MCr
Size: 10,000 ton envelope (140,000 m3), 20 ton Passenger Car.
Mass: 194.8 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-10 13.2 MW Fusion Plant, driving a TL-10 Ducted Fan that produces 19.5 tons of thrust.
Maint: 48


Controls: 1 TL-10 Flt Computer. TL-10 Navaids/IGS. 4 Open Crewstations.
Computer: None
Avionics: TL 10
Commo: 300km Radio (0.001 MW)
Sensors: 3km Radar (0.01 MW), 2 WSV Viewers
Life Support Basic (0.0026 MW)
Cargo: 1512 m3
Crew: 9 (Commander, Pilot, 2 Engineers, 2 Maintenance, 3 Stewards)
Passengers: 120 in Adequate Seats


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Ammo: None
Fire Control: None
Stabilization: None


Max Speed: 320 kph/ 240 kph Cruise
Travel Move: 1382/1035
Combat Move: 148/111
Endurance: 1 year
Fuel Capacity: 1.32 m3


Signature: Medium sized target
Diff vs Fire: +4

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