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Avenger Battle Walker

design by Lewis Roberts

The Avenger Battle Walker are fielded by the Auroran Special Forces. The current Avenger's design was based on battle walkers that were used by the Parity of Brothers. The Parity of Brothers was a small Pocket Empire located in Malorn sector (rimward of Aldebaran). It honored its mutual defense treaty with the Solomani Confederation by sending 10,000 troops to assist the Solomani in the defense of the newly conquored Old Expanses. The troops were stationed on Aurora in 1125 and they were stranded on the planet when the Virus struck. Since then the troops have merged with the planetary society.

The Auroran military used the battle walkers as defensive troops that could protect key military installations and the capital against raiders and Vampire incursions. As the orignal walkers wore out, they were replaced by modern reproductions. Since the founding of the Coalition, Aurora has replaced the Avenger's original 5mm rotary autocannon with the RC standard HMG and upgraded the ballistic computers.

Aurora has approximetly 200 Avengers Walkers, divided into three companies. Their primary mission is still defensive, though Aurora has offered to second them to RC forces if requested. As Aurora does not have any assualt ships capable of carrying the Avenger's into battle, the offer has not been taken up yet. A recent proposal suggested that small smash and grab missions could be assisted by a few Avenger's. The Avenger's are fairly compact and would allow ships that do not have sufficient hangar capcity to carry grav tanks to at least have some armored support. Of course the Avenger's slow land speed would require the ship to land close to target.

The Avenger's are man shapped walkers with twin 4-pack missile launchers mounted behind each shoulder. The HMG is mounted in the belly of the Avenger. The Avenger's have a very smooth organic look to them and are very sleek in apperance. (Think armor suits from Japanesse Anime, rather than Battletech.) The Avengers arms end in fully articulated hands. The Avengers are painted with smart paint which is usually configured in a camoflauge pattern. The operator is situated in the main body of the vehicle, above the HMG. The Avengers are roughly 14 feet tall, 8 feet across and 5 feet deep. (Because the standard vehicle configuration is a rectangular box, with the sides being the longest facing, I rotated the box upright so that the calculations to add armor to each facing would be correct.)

Avenger Battle Walker

General Data

Tech Level: 11
Price: 336,585 Cr
Size: 14 m3
Mass: 24.6 / 20.6

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1.0 MW Fuel Cell
Maint: 5


Controls: Dynamic Linked
Computer: None
Avionics: IGS Positioning System
Commo: 30km Laser Communicator, 30km Radio
Sensors: WSV (300m), Searchlight (250m), AIR Searchlight (120m)
Life Support Extended
Cargo: 0 m3
Crew: 1 Pilot/Gunner
Passengers: None


Offensive 15mm RC(E) Heavy Machine Gun (See Challenge #74 p29), 8 tube launchers for TL-11 Swift laser designated anti-armor missiles (RCEG pg 108)
Defensive: None
Ammo: 900 rounds for autocannon, 8 Swift missiles.
Fire Control: Ballistic Computer (-3 DMs)
Stabilization: Advanced Stabilization for HMG.

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg S Range
15mm Ball 3 16 2-2-2 300
15mm DS 3 16 1-1-1 300
15mm HE-10 3 17 Nil 300
15mm HEAP-10 3 17 2-2-2 300

Missile C-B Pen Val Max Range M/turn Agl
Laser Designated Top Attack 17-45 113C 15,030m 1950 6


Max Speed: 27 kph
Travel Move: 55
Combat Move: 12
Endurance: 8.3 hours
Fuel Capacity: 2.5 m3 of High Grade Hydrocarbon distillates


Config: Standard
Suspension: Walker
HF: 25
HS: 16
HR: 20
Deck:25 Belly: 5


The Avenger has two 125 liters arms

ArmVolumeAGLSTRLiftUMDWeapon AMD
Arm 125 liters7381875kg27--

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