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Masai Infantry Support Walker

design by Kyle Platte

This version of the Masai was designed for infantry support and light skirmishing It sports a pair of independent remote turrets and a set of 9cm Knifejack seeker missiles. Although they cannot stand up to the firepower of heavy armor, their ability to move through rough terrain makes them excellent guerrilla fighters and patrol vehicles. Their weapons are also designed to give close support to ground troops, providing light artillery with the grenades and precision strike ability with the missiles or guns.

Masai Infantry Support Walker

General Data

Tech Level: 13
Price: 3.886 MCr
Size: 70 m3 (5 tons)
Mass (Unloaded/Loaded): 86.055 / 91.414

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 22 Mw Fusion Reactor w/1 year's fuel. Batteries supplying 1.52Mw.
Maint: 15


Controls: TL13 controls, TL-10 nav aids.
Computer: TL13 flight computer
Avionics: Flight Avionics, and TL13 terrain following. NOE=170kph
Commo: 3000km radio, 30,000km maser
Sensors: 300km fixed PEMS
ECM/ECCM: EM Masking
Life Support Basic
Cargo: 3.9 m3
Crew: 4 (driver, sensors/commo, 2x gunners)
Passengers: None


Offensive 2x small turrets, each with 1 6mm G-4P VRF gauss MMG and 1 PLN-40 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Six launch rails for 9cm Knifejack series missiles.
Defensive: None
Ammo: A total of four cassettes 6mm gauss ammo (50,000 rounds ea) and six cassettes 40 mm grenades (150 rounds ea), Six Knifejack missiles.
Fire Control: 2x EM rangefinders, 2x indirect fire sights and 2x ballistic/point defense computers
Stablization: Advanced, Fire at any speed.

Gauss MMG
Weapon ROF DanDice Pen Val Mag Short Rng
6mm dart 50 9 1-2-4 50,000Cx2 300 (450)
6mm HEAP 50 10 2-2-2 50,000Cx2 300 (335)
6mm HE 50 10 Nil 50,000Cx2 300 (335)
6mm tranq 50 -1 Nil 50,000Cx2 30 (30)

Grenade Launcher
AmmoROF DamDice Penetration Magaz Range Indirect Range
40mm HE 5 C-B:4-14 41C 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm HEAP 5 C-B:2-11 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm CHEM 5 B:2 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950
40mm WP 5 B:8 Nil 150Cx3 195 1950

Weapon Range Damage Pen Val Price Cbt Move Agility Seeker Rng
Knifejack 10 C-B:13-30 101C 11,710 5004 7 40km
Skipjack 35 C-B:13-30 101C 11,710 1390 5 40km
Lazyjack 110 (5) C-B:13-30 101C14,510 300 (5004) 3 (7) 40km/36km HOJ


Max Speed: 124 kph (flight pack allows 400kph airborne)
Travel Move: 260 (800 in flight)
Combat Move: 60 (185 in flight)
Fuel Capacity:


TF: 60 HF:60
TS: 30 HS: 30
TR: 14 HR: 14
Deck: 14 Belly: 30


The Masai's hull is a spherical design. As such, all armor facings require 17% of the MVM for each cm of armor added. The Masai has fuel scoops for refueling its flight tanks. As it has limited uses in a gas giant, the Masai typically refuels by dipping it's belly intakes into a nearby water source. The Masai has no capacity for refining the fuel.

The Masai has a power shortfall of 1.547 Mw, caused by the massive drain of the gauss weapons. To counter this, the Masai carries a battery capable of firing the gauss MMGs' entire ammo supply (four cassettes). The battery is recharged automatically from the onboard power supply. The Masai is capable of folding it's legs to allow the body to take cover behind buildings, trees or small hills. It takes a full three seconds to raise or lower the vehicle in this manner. When hidden properly, only the Masai's turrets and sensors are exposed over the cover. Each turret is operated by a separate gunner and is fully independent of the other. Each has a separate ballistic computer and sights. The missiles may be fired by either gunner as they desire.

Both the MMG and the grenade launcher on the Masai have ammo selectors, allowing the operator to select between different cassettes of ammo. Ammo cannot be shared between the two weapon without servicing the weapons.

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