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Cheetah APC

design by Blakrider

The Teldoran Cheetah is designed for stealth and speed, it's designed to fly at tree top level, if not lower, to get to the landing zone, once there it drops the men and equipment off and returns to base. It's not meant for a stand up fight, but to hinder or aid guerilla tactics. A small number were shipped to Spencer, no more the 10 but they caused damage to the Oriflammi occupational army in several hit and run raids. Since Teldora became a member of the Coalition some Oriflammi commands have refused to even consider thier use, others some special ops units are interested in using it against thier enemies as well as it was used against them.

Cheetah APC

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: 2.544 MCr
Size: 140 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 140.411 / 130.411

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 2.39Mw MHD turbine with a HBT w/ 10.5 tomes of thrust
Maint: 35


Controls: Computer linked
Computer: TL-9 flight computer
Avionics: TL-9 Terrain following
Commo: 300km radio, 300km maser
Sensors: 30km radar, 30km HRT
ECM/ECCM: Stealth, 10 decoys in 2 dispensers
Life Support Basic
Cargo: 28 m3
Crew: ??
Passengers: 10 soldiers im Battle Dress with 2 small cargo hatches, one in the very back another in the floor for airborne egresses.


Offensive 2x15mm HMG's in fixed forrward postions
Defensive: None
Ammo: 1000 rounds for each machine gun
Fire Control: TL-9 Ballistic Computer
Stabilization: Advanced, fire at any speed

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg S Range
Ball 3 16 2-2-2 300m
DS 3 16 1-1-1 300m
HE-10 3 17 Nil 300m
HEAP-10 3 17 2-2-2 300m


Max Speed: 1000 kph
Travel Move: 3000
Combat Move: 139 / 18 NOE
Endurance: 3.89 hours
Fuel Capacity: 8.4 m3


Config: Standard
Suspension: Standard Grav
HF: 48
HS: 24
HR: 24
Deck: 24 Belly: 24

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