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Rannian Grav Tank

design by Scout

Following is a design for a TL10 grav Tank.... In on of my camapaigns there is a TL10 Pocket Empire, who is facing teddies with Intrepid grav tanks. The following design was meant to be a Lower tech wepons system with equal abilities

Rannian Grav Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 10
Price: 7.33 MCr
Size: 140 m3
Mass: 503.29 tonnes empty/ 504.63 tonnes loaded

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-8 6.2 MW Fission powerplant supplying 3 MW to Improved Contra Grav Lifters with HEPlaR thrusters generating 25.5 tonnes of thrust (1.275 MW)
Maint: 101


Controls: TL 10 Dynamic Linked, TL-10 IGS Navigation System.
Computer: TL-10 Model Flt Flight Computer,
Avionics: TL-10 Terrain following Avionics,
Commo: 3000 km Maser Communicator 3000 km Radio Communicator
Sensors: 3 km Active EMS, 3000 km Passive EMS, 400 m 2 x WSV viewer.
ECM/ECCM: EM Masking, 4 decoy dispensors with 20 decoys each.
Life Support Extended Life Support, G-compensators
Cargo: 1.3 m3
Crew: 3 (Pilot,Commander,Gunner)
Passengers: None


Offensive TL-10 74 Mj plasma cannon, TL-10 coaxial VRF gauss gun Stabilisation: Advanced (fire at any speed)
Defensive: None
Ammo:100 rounds of 74 Mj 21x126cm TL-10 CPC cartridges (7400 cr each, MCr 0.055 for a full load), 30,000 rounds of 4mm Gauss
Fire Control: TL-10 EMS rangfinder and point defense ballistic computer (ignore 3 Diff Mods and multiply speed modifiers(Diff Mods) of ballistic targets by 0.5, round down)
Stablization: Advanced (fire at any speed)

Weapon ROF Dam Pen Rtg Pen Val Conc-Burst S Range (m)
74 Mj plasma cannon SA1 258 1-2-10 258-258-129-26 67-25 860
VRF Gauss 50 12 1-3-5 - - 300


Speed: 800 kph maximum, 600 kph cruising, 140 kph NOE
Travel Move: 2400 in high mode/560 at NOE (km per four hours)
Combat Move: 111/19 ( 10 metre squares per turn)
Endurance: 30 hours
Fuel Capacity: 9.5625 Lhyd for reaction mass plus 0.0023 Radioactives for Fission power plant
Fuel Consumption: 0.32 cubic metres per hour (320 litres/h) (30 hours endurance) plus reactor fuel sufficient for 200 hours constant power


Config: Turret
Suspension: Grav
TF: 256 HF: 256
TS: 128 HF: 128
TR: 128 HF: 128

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