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Hornet Light Tank

design by Pete Grey

This design has been at the bottom of my draft box since last summer. Alas I cannot find the original worksheet, and no price is therefore given.

(Adapted from stats in Challenge #68 article "For The Union Blue.")

The Hornet is a fairly typical pre-Collapse tracked light tank. Manufactured by Instellarms, the vehicle served on a number of early stellar worlds as a recon and interdiction vehicle. While lightly armored, its 6cm gun gave it a potent punch, and its speed and endurance are exemplary even for a light tank. The vehicle was manufactured in large numbers during "Hard Times" by factories on Ferry, and is pretty well distributed throughout Diaspora and a large part of Old Expanses.

Hornet Light Tank

General Data

Tech Level: 9
Price: ??? MCr
Size: 28 m3
Mass (loaded/unloaded): 31.204 tons / 25.221 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1.8 MW MHD Turbine
Maint: 6


Controls: Computer Linked
Computer: None
Avionics: TL 9 Satellite Positioning.
Commo: 300 km radio, 300 km Laser
Sensors: 3000m HRT, 2*IE Viewers, Imaging Radar.
Life Support Heat, Light, Overpressure.
Cargo: 0.609 m3
Crew: 2
Passengers: None


Offensive Turret Mounted 6cm/92 ETC Autocannon, Pintle Mounted 1x12.7mm HMG.
Defensive: None
Ammo: 200 Rnds of 6cm, 5000 rnds of 12.7mm.
Fire Control: TL8 Ballistic Computer, Imaging Radar RF.
Stabilization: Advanced

6cm/92 ETC Autocannon
Ammo ROF C/B Dam Pen Rtg S Range
AFSDSDU 7 - 13 121-111-101-81 860
AFSDS 7 - 13 99-89-79-59 860
HE 7 C:7 B:15 2d6/1d6 2c 650
HEAP 7 C:5 B: 5 - 65c 650


Max Speed: 106 Kph max, 77 Kph cruise.
Travel Move: 458/342
Combat Move: 49/37
Endurance: 10 hours
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 m3


Config: Turret
Suspension: Tracked
TF: 54 HF: 54
TS: 27 HS: 27
TR: 12 HR: 12
Deck: 12 Belly: 12

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