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Proton Motorcycle

design by Lewis Roberts

The Proton motorcycle is powered by a 1.0MW fusion+ power plant. This immense power plant gives the Proton a top speed surpassed only by gravitic vehicles. The Proton carries no cargo and is intended purely for pleasure driving.

The Proton is a very smooth and aerodynamically shaped vehicle. Unlike most motorcycles the Proton is totally enclosed, with the rider on the inside of the vehicle. A transparent canopy encloses the rider. Without this, wind drag would make the Proton impossible to control. (The vehicle in large part resembles the motorcycles in the Solomani 2D movie TRON.) The Proton is equipped with a multi-channel radio capable of communicating with up to 11 other vehicles. This allows several Protons riders to talk while whizzing down the road. The Proton features a 10km sensor suite capable of full night vision. This system is essential to the Proton, at speeds of 700kph, you have to know what's coming otherwise, you'll find out by crashing into it. In case of a catastrophic accident, an optional ejection seat is available.

All Protons are available with Verotech's patented Smart Paint system. This allows the owner to specify any sort of decorative pattern or actual picture. Many owners have several designs programed and actually switch between designs while driving, as a means of communicating with other vehicles.

The Proton was designed with the Vehicle Design System as presented in the Central Supply Catalog. It is usable in any Traveller era set after the birth of the Third Imperium. Previous to this time, fusion+ had not been invented.


Proton Fusion Powered Motorcyle

General Data

Displacment: 0.2 tons
Volume: 2.8m^3
Configuration: SL Disk
Dimensions: 2.5 meters long, 1.75 meters high by 2.0 meter wide. (approx.)
Structural Material: TL 11 Structurecomp
Chassis: Rated 1 G Acceleration
Armor: 0.3 cm of TL 11 structurecomp.
Armor Rating: 1
Power Plant: 1.0 MW Fusion+
Fuel Consumption: 0.03m^3 water/100hrs
Fuel Volume: x1 enriched water.
Fuel Carried: 100hrs (.03m^3)
Propulsion: TL 8+ Wheels
Crew: 1
Options: Basic Life Support
Total Mass: 1.657
Total Price: 37,013Cr (137,013 w/ ejection seat)
Performance: 0.5g Acceleration. Top Speed 720kph. 1195m/turn.
Agility: No DM

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