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TL-6 Attack Helicopter

design by Idiot/Savant

An early attack helicopter. The crew of two share a fighter-style cockpit in the nose, just above the chin-turret. While can be quite dangerous during daylight, it's lack of advanced sensors makes this helicopter almost useless after dark.

The helicopter is armed with an high-velocity 4cm automatic grenade-launcher, with 500 rounds of mixed HE and HEAP ammunition. The stub-wing hardpoints are capable of carrying up to 1180kg of stores, and can be used to carry 30kg wire-guided ATGMs, 7.5cm*19 unguided rocket pods, or podded miniguns. 4 30kg tac-missiles, launch-rails and rack weigh 320 kg. A 19-round rocket pod weighs 261.25 kg.

The helicopter was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel with Antti Lahtinen's suggested adjustment of doubling rotor lift. The design is overpowered for extra speed.

TL-6 Attack Helicopter

General Data

Price: Cr 150180
Tech Level: 6
Size: Very Small (300m3) (100m3 with rotors folded).
Mass: 3072 kg empty, 3820 kg fuelled, 5000 kg max takeoff.
Power: 0.675 MW ImpIC driving MTR rotor assembly for 5.4 tonnes lift and 0.54 tonnes thrust. 0.022 MW ImpIC APU (0.0008 MW surplus power).
Maint: 2

Controls: Enhanced mechanical (0.01 MW), TL-6 flight avionics (0.01 MW)
Comunications: 30km radio (0.001 MW)
Sensor: 2 * PIR viewer (0.1 km; 0.0002 MW)
Electronic Countermeasures: None.
Life Support: None.
Cargo: None.

Crew: 2: Pilot/weapons operator in cramped crewstations. Armoured cockpit (AV 2).
Passengers: None.
Fire Control: Optic rangefinder (0.6 km). Control unit for semi-auto wire-guided missiles.
Armament: Fixed forward-firing 4cm high-velocity auto-GL with 500 rounds. Stub wings with four OWHP (500kg each). 1180 kg external stores.
Maxiumum Speed: 320 kph.
Cruising Speed: 240 kph.
NOE Speed: 40 kph.
Travel Move: 960 km.
Combat Move: 44, 6 at NOE.
Agility: 4
Fuel Consumption: 174.25 L HCD per hour (168.75 L for main engine; 5.5 L for APU).
Internal Fuel Capacity: 348.5 liters HCD
Endurance: 2 hours
Range: 480 km.

Weapon Stats

RoundROFDam valPen RtgShortPriceWeight
4cm HEAP-65C:1 B:817C 200Cr 60.4 kg
4cm HE-65C:2 B:10Nil 200Cr 40.4 kg
4cm WP-65C:2 B:8Nil 200Cr 80.4 kg

GuidanceMassPricem/turnAGL RangePenDamage
Wire-guided ATGM-630 kgCr 3968342 3.8 km83CC:19 B:43
7.5cm unguided HEAP-610 kgCr 6734755 0.2 km38CC:5 B:22
7.5cm unguided HE-610 kgCr 4934755 0.2 km4CC:7 B:27

Design Worksheet

Mass (kg)Power (MW)Price (MCr)
Simple airframe (5T)50.00.05
Enhanced mechanical controls70.00.010.015
TL-6 flight avionics0.10.010.05
2 cramped crewstations400.00.0006
2 * cockpit armour (AV 2)200.00.01
2 crew[200.0]
30km radio100.00.0010.0005
2 * PIR viewer2.00.00020.002
Optic Rangefinder20.00.001
Command guidance unit (wire; semi-auto)15.00.0008
0.675 MW ImpIC1687.50.003375
MTR rotor assembly (5.4 T/lift; folding)379.70.007594
0.022 MW ImpIC APU55.0[0.022]0.00011
HCD (2 hours)[348.5]
4 * OWHP80.00.008
4cm HV auto-GL12.00.0012
500 rounds GL[200.0]

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