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TL-5 Light Passenger/Cargo

design by Rupert Boleyn

A while back I had a sudden urge to see how close FF&S1 came to real world aircraft. The answer for high performance aircraft was: not very. However when I reverse engineered the old Soviet AN-2 it came out reasonably close.

I thought I'd post the result, because it is a good TL-5 light passenger/cargo plane, and could be manufactured by many wilds governments using local industries. I figure that this maens that it would be used to bulk out a Teddys Grav vehicles for troop transport. Possible worlds would include Montezuma (Diaspora 2836), Lebherz (Diaspora 3236) and Janie (Old Expanses 1125).

Other features include the ability to add floats (240kg, CR 2400, multiply all speeds by 0.77), and a cockpit that has the side windows extended so the crew can lean over and see directly below them, for easy navigation etc. The aircraft can carry up to twelve people in a pinch, and has built in tip-up seating for this number. Six paratroopers and their kit can be carried instead, with up to 100kg of gear per man, and the passenger/cargo compartment is big enough to hold up to six strechers and an attendant if the plane is used for medivac duties. All of these features are copied from the original An-2.

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

TL-5 Light Passenger/Cargo Plane

General Data

Price: 92,331 Cr
Tech Level: 5
Size: 288 m3
Mass: 2,550kg empty, 4,800kg loaded (max TO: 6,480kg)
Power: 0.6477MW Improved IC engine driving a TL-5 Propeller for 0.452 tons Thrust
Maint: 2

Controls: Basic Mechanical
Comunications: Radio, 30km
Sensor: Landing and navigation lights
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: O2 for flight crew
Cargo: 12 passengers in Restricted seating, or 6 in adequate seats or 1,240kg of cargo, or any reasonable combination thereof

Crew: 2 (Pilot, Co-pilot/navigator)
Fire Control: None
Armament: None
Ammo: None
Maxiumum Speed: 320km/h, 252km/h loaded
Cruising Speed: 240km/h, 189km/h loaded
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 960km, 752km loaded
Combat Move: 44, 26 loaded
Agility: 4 (at all weights)
Fuel Consumption: 162L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 810 L
Endurance: 5 hours
Range: 1200 km, 945 km loaded.
Takeoff Roll: 223m, 410m loaded
Landing Roll: 64m, 79m loaded

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