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Piper Grasshopper -Class Plane

design by Unknown???

The Grasshopper was also known as the Piper Cub, and was used mainly by the American Army Air Force in World War II. The plane is TL-5 but has a TL-6 radio.

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Piper Grasshopper -Class Plane

General Data

Price: 19,880 Cr
Tech Level: 5 (6)
Size: 33.24 m3
Mass: 540 kg max takeoff.
Power: .0485 MW Imp.Int.Comb generating 0.03388 tons of thrust.
Airframe: STOL Airframe
Maint: 1

Controls: Basic Mechanical
Comunications: TL-6 3km Radio.
Sensor: None.
Electronic Countermeasures: None
Life Support: None
Cargo: None

Crew 2 in cramped workstations.
Fire Control None
Aramanment: None DD>Ammo: None
Maxiumum Speed: 192 kph.
Cruising Speed: 44 kph.
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 576 m
Combat Move: 27
Agility: 4
Fuel Consumption: 12.1 L HCD/hour
Internal Fuel Capacity: 45.4 L
Endurance: 3.75 hrs.
Range: 540 km
Takeoff Roll: 276 m
Landing Roll: 45 m
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