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Eternal Guardian-Class Nuclear Bomber

design by Lewis Roberts

The Eternal Guardian-Class is a massive aircraft. Its immense size is dicated by its power supply, a nuclear reactor. It can stay airborne for over 1 month at a time. It was originally designed as part of a nuclear deterent. It would be constantly flying, this way it would avoid being caught on the ground by a suprise attack. Upon recieving orders it could enter enemy airspace and deliver its nuclear payload. It would deal with enemy air defenses, with tactical nuclear weapons that would take out entire enemy air fields, and SAM sites.

Many TEDs in the Wilds have found other uses for such a massive weapon. It can be used as a propaganda weapon, constantly flying over rebellous provences and broadcasting propaganda, or jamming alternative viewpoints. Some Eternal Guardians have been equipped with video broadcasting suites, to increase the effectivness of the propaganda. It can also be used for its original purpose, to bomb something into the stone age.

The plane was designed with Fire Fusion & Steel.

Eternal Guardian-Class Nuclear Bomber

General Data

Price: 49.44 MCr 49.44
Size: 30000m3
Mass: 500 tonnes
Power: 105 Mw fission power plant. 50 propellers produce 100 tons of thrust.

Controls:Enhanced Electronic Controls, TL-8 all-weather flight avionics. 2 Flight Computers.
Coomunications:3000 km Radio
Sensor:1000 km Radar, LA IE Scope
Electronic Countermeasures:1500 km Radio jammer, 250 km radar jammer, 100 decoys in 2 dispensers. The type can be determined at launch.
Life Support:Extended Life Support, 3 Sall Staterooms
Cargo:10.2 tonnes
Crew:11 (Three shifts of Pilot, Co-pilot and Sensor operator, Flight Engineer and Bombardier. Off duty flight crew act as gunners in times of combat)
Fire Control Imaging Radar and Ballistic Computers (-2 Diff Mods)
Aramanment:5 tonnes of missles in internal bays. 35 tonnes of bombs in internal bays. 5 turrets with 7mm rotary autoguns (see TNE rulebook). The autoguns are equiped with point defense computers. This allows them to attempt to shoot down incoming missles.
Ammo:Each autogun has 2500 rounds
Maxiumum Speed: 665 kph
Cruising Speed: 499 kph
NOE Speed: NA
Travel Move: 1996
Combat Move: 92
Agility: 5
Fuel Consumption: 20 tonnes of radioactives per 37 day period.
Internal Fuel Capacity: 20 tonnes of radioactives
Endurance: 37 days
Range: 477,124 km
Takeoff Roll: 5031 m
Landing Roll: 2414 m
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