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Ring Pact

by Eamon Watters

The Kandra subsector is home to the Ring Pact, a Defence and Trade organisation sponsored by the Hive Federation. Each member has it's own needs and plans, but despite these centrifugal forces the Pact has held over the ten years of it's existence.

Member Worlds

Strom (1132) Strom controls the following systems:
Leroy (1231)

Yoryunssoy (1235)

Leenitakot (1432)

Gammist (1435) Gammist claimed some nearby systems in response to Strom's expansion.:

Kervid (1532)

Gamvina (1632) Gamvina's colonies are:

Driank (1635) - A cemetery world, this system is only important because of the Ring Pact Naval Base located here. A squadron of Hiver and Pact ships make sweeps of the surrounding space from here. Many people consider it the best achievement of the Pact so far.

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