Prometheus Rising
Important Notice:
These pages are to undergo a majorrevision in the near future and many elements will change.

Designer Notes

This is the rough draft of my Prometheus Rising project (intended asa "definitive" coverage of the period). I've included them to help makethe maps more usable. However it should be noted that:

  1. This entire project is completely "unofficial" (though I live in hope)
  2. These notes are only a rough draft and are therefore liable to change beforeI'm finished
  3. These notes are only a very small part of the project
However these notes do outline the period and all the "basic" plot elementsare unlikely to change. I hope people find the maps and notes useful andif you have any comments please feel free to contact me. Also includedis the latest version of the Interstellar Wars Galaxyincluded in Jim Vassilakos'excellant Galatic program (please note that information included on these web pagesis more recent than the files included with the galaxy).

Topic's likely to be covered in Prometheus Rising include:

Hopefully there will be more as the project develops.

May I Link to this Page?

If you would like to establish a link to my site, please feel free. HoweverI would ask that link to one
of the two "Index" pages (this page and the main Traveller index page).These pages will not
move, so as long as the site is up, any link to one of those pageswill be valid.

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