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This website is dedicated to one of my favourite hobbies. Namely the science fiction role playing game (SF-RPG) called "Traveller". Traveller is one of the oldest roleplaying games dating back to 1977. In that time it has been through many changes and four editions (five if you count GURPS Traveller). The first was published in 1977 and this version is now referred to as "Classic Traveller". Then in 1987 a newfully revised edition was published under the name of "Megatraveller".This was followed in 1992 by "Traveller - The New Era". Then the company that originally produced Traveller (GDW) went out of business. The copyright for Traveller reverted to it's original author (Marc Miller), who licensed Imperium Games to produce a new edition under the name of "Marc Miller'sTraveller" (also know as T4).

In April 1998 Imperium Games relinquished its licence to produce Traveller material and has since gone out of business. Currently in the works is a revised edition of Traveller (T5) for an as yet unknown publisher and a GURPS version from Steve Jackson Games was released in September 1998.

Much of the works done for Traveller are set in the "Official" campaign setting of the Third Imperium. I however have my own campaign setting called the "Greater Magellanic Cloud"set in the Terran colonies in the . . . . . Greater Magellanic Cloud (funny that aey).

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If you would like to establish a link to my site, please feel free.However I would ask that link to one of the two "Index" pages (this page and the Prometheus Rising start page). These pages will not move, so as long as the site is up, any link to one of those pages will be valid.


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