Non-Imperial MegaCorporations

HD 52.01

Date: Dec, 1989

Clayton R. Bush

1. Sources for All Megacorporations:

Merchant Prince

Player's Manual, p. 37.

Referee's Companion, pp. 40-41.

Robots, pp. 15-17.

2. Existence of the beast:

Referee's Companion, p. 41:

"It is difficult for a company to grow to the size of a megacorporation unless it has the protection of a suitably sized government. Because the Imperium controlled space and an economy that could support megacorporations, they almost naturally sprang up.

"Some of the interstellar empires that border have grown to the size that they can also support megacorporations. Besides the 13 Imperial megacorporations, there are another 13 megacorporations operating in the territories adjoining the Imperium. In comparison, the largest of these non-Imperial megacorporations is perhaps median-sized when compared with an Imperial megacorporation; the smallest is smaller than any of the Imperial companies.

3. Official outline

Official Count +

Count Named Need names for

Vargr 0 0

Aslan 4 4 #3 and #4

Solomani ? 1

Zhodani ? 2 One, if Menderes dropped.

K'kree ? ?

Hiver 5 5 Four (and rankings for all 5)

----- -------

13 12

HIWG proposed 1 Menderes (Julian Protectorate)

4. Notes on the Megacorporations:

MTA 1: Vargr and Vilani

Vargr: There are no Vargr megacorporations.

Vilani: The three megacorporations were Imperial, so don't fit here.

Mike Mikesh proposes that the Menderes Corporation (in the Julian Protectorate) is a megacorporation: if it sees publication in MTA 1 it is official (and the K'kree have no megacorporation and Zhodani only two.)

As a confederation of confederations, the Protectorate is more divided than the Solomani Confederation. (See below.) I think Menderes was only a sector-wide line: in acquiring the Vilani megacorporations' assets in Antares Domain, it may become a megacorporation.

MTA 2: Aslan and Solomani


Tlasayerlahel is the largest existing Aslan merchant company and "is one of only four companies in Aslan space which merit megacorporation status."

"The number two megacorporation in Aslan space is Reastirlao." Solomani:

"The sphere is rife with factionalism and regionalism, a fact which makes the emergence of sphere-wide companies difficult. Most Solomani companies are sector-wide or smaller."

Transstar is identified as a Megacorporation.

MTA 3: Zhodani and Droyne


There are no general comments for this race.

Priantqlovr is identified as a megacorporation.

Tliazhashal is "the largest Zhodani defense contractor, and also the largest provider of equipment and civilian personnel for the Zhodani Core expeditions." I assume it is a megacorporation. [Robots, p.17.] Droyne: There are no Droyne megacorporations.

MTA 4: K'kree and Hiver


"K'kree tend to remain within the borders of the Two Thousand Worlds and most trade and transport operations take place within the empire." There is no reference to any large K'Kree company.

I propose that there are no K'Kree megacorporations. James Holden agrees, noting K'kee undertake commerce at the direction of K'kree nobles. Hiver:

"Star Patterns (Trading) is one of five Hiver megacorporations, and the major Hiver trading partner with the Imperium." Its rank is unknown.

#2: ? #3: ? #4: ? #5: ?