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The following is a list of Traveller products.


HIWG CD-ROM Table of contents 1

HIWG CD-ROM Table of contents 2

Adventure 1: The Kinunir
Adventure 2: Research Station Gamma
Adventure 3: Twilight's Peak
Adventure 4: Leviathan
Adventure 5: Trillion Credit Squadron
Adventure 6: Expedition to Zhodane
Adventure 7: Broadsword
Adventure 8: Prison Planet
Adventure 9: Nomads of the World Ocean
Adventure 10: Safari Ship
Adventure 11: Murder on Arcturus Station
Adventure 12: Secret of the Ancients
Adventure 13: Signal GK
Alien Module 1: Aslan
Alien Module 2: K'Kree
Alien Module 3: Vargr
Alien Module 4: Zhodani
Alien Module 5: Droyne
Alien Module 6: Solomani
Alien Module 7: Hivers
Alien Module 8: Darrians
Alien Realms
Aliens for Traveller
Aliens of the Rim I: Hivers/Ithklur
Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey
Assignment: Vigilante
The Astrogator's Guide to the Diaspora Sector
The Atlas of the Imperium
Azhanti High Lightning: Game 3
Battle Rider
Beowulf Traveller Poster
Book 1: Characters and Combat
Book 2: Starships
Book 3: Worlds and Adventures
Book 4: Mercenary
Book 5: High Guard
Book 6: Scouts
Book 7: Merchant Prince
Book 8: Robots
Brilliant Lances
Charts and Tables
COACC: Close Orbit and Airspace Control Command
Double Adventure 1: Shadows/Annic Nova
Double Adventure 2: Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril
Double Adventure 3: Death Station/The Argon Gambit
Double Adventure 4: Marooned/Marooned Alone
Double Adventure 5: Chamax Plague/Horde
Double Adventure 6: Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest
Fifth Frontier War: Game 4
Fighting Ships of the Shattered Imperium
Fire, Fusion, & Steel
The Guilded Lilly
Hard Times: A MegaTraveller Sourcebook
Imperial Encyclopedia
The Imperial Fringe: Introductory Adventure
The Imperium (map)
Introduction to Traveller: Book 0
Invasion: Earth: Game 5
Knightfall: The Long Lost Legacy of the Long Night
Mayday: Game 1
MegaTraveller (Boxed)
Memory Alpha
Path of Tears
Players' Manual
Reformation Coalition Equipment Guide
Rebellion Sourcebook
Referee's Companion
Referee's Manual
Regency Combat Vehicle Guide
Regency Sourcebook: Keepers of the Flame
Rules Booklet (Starter Edition)
Smash and Grab
Special Supplement 1: Merchant Prince
Special Supplement 2: Exotic Atmospheres
Special Supplement 3: Missiles
The Spinward Marches (map)
The Spinward Marches Campaign
Star Vikings : Personalities in the Reformation Coalition
Striker II
Supplement 1: 1001 Characters
Supplement 2: Animal Encounters
Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches
Supplement 4: Citizens of the Imperium
Supplement 5: Lightning Class Cruisers
Supplement 6: 76 Patrons
Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats
Supplement 8: Library Data (A-M)
Supplement 9: Fighting Ships
Supplement 10: The Solomani Rim
Supplement 11: Library Data (N-Z)
Supplement 12: Forms and Charts
Supplement 13: Veterans
Survival Margin
Tarsus: World Beyond the Frontier
The Traveller Adventure
Traveller Book, The
Traveller Deluxe Edition
Traveller Player Forms
Traveller Referee's Screen
Traveller Starter Edition
Traveller: The New Era
Traveller: The New Era (Deluxe Edition)
Understanding Traveller
Understanding Traveller: The New Era
Upgrade Booklet
Vampire Fleets
Vargr Traveller Poster
World Tamer's Handbook


The Death of Wisdom (Novel)
To Dream of Chaos (Novel)


Aliens Archive
Central Supply Catalog
Fire, Fusion, and Steel 2
First Survey
Long Way Home
Marc Miller's Traveller
Marc Miller's Traveller Game Screen
Milieu 0
Pocket Empires
Psionic Institutes

Steve Jackson Games

Gurps Traveller
Behind the Claw
Alien Races 1
Alien Races 2
First In
Far Trader
Star Mercs

Imperial Navy

The Traveller Universe is open to many interpretations on what it can resemble, the following authors and novels have either influenced the background of Traveller or it's GM's. From the noble houses and dust spice of Arrakis to the Battledress Trooper of Heinlein.


Anderson, Poul

Ensign Flandry

Asimov, Isaac

The Foundation Trilogy

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Komarr (Vorkosigan Adventure); Hardcover
Memory (Vorkosigan Adventure); Mass Market Paperback
Mirror Dance : A Vorkosigan Adventure
Cetaganda : A Vorkosigan Adventure (Vorkosigan Adventure.)
Cetaganda : A Vorkosigan Adventure (Vorkosigan Adventure. Hardcover)

Brunette, Paul

The Death of Wisdom (TNE)

Brin, David

Startide Rising

Brunner, John

Zarathrustan Refugee Planets

Cherryh, C.J.

Heavy Time
Cuckoo's Egg
Chanur's Venture
Pride of Chanur
The Kif Strike Back
Chanur's Legacy: A Novel of Compact space
Serpent's Reach
Merchanter's Luck
Downbelow Station

Clarke, Arthur C.

Rendezvous with Rama
Fountains of Paradise

Dickson, Gordon

Dorsai! (the Childe Cycle books)

Drake, David

Hammer's Slammers
The Bridgehead
The Sharp End (Hammer's Slammers)
The Sharp End (The Hammer's Slammers Series); Hardcover
The Fleet
Counter Attack (Fleet book 2)

with Bill Fawcett (editor)<.h3>
Break Through (The Fleet, Book 3)
Crisis (The Fleet, No 6)

with S.M. Stirling

The Forge (1)
The Hammer (2)
The Anvil (3)
The Steel (4)
The Sword (5)

Feintuch, David

Midshipman's Hope, ISBN: 0446600962
Challengers Hope, ISBN: 0446600970
Prisoner's Hope, ISBN: 0446600989
Fisherman'S Hope, ISBN: 0446600997

Groteboer, Jeff

Gunnarson, Thorinn


Haldeman, Joe

The Forever War

Heinlein, Robert

Time for the Stars
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress; Hardcover
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress; paperback
Starship Troopers
Starship Troopers; Hardcover(?)
Have Spacesuit Will Travel; paperback
Have Spacesuit Will Travel; Hardcover
Have Space Suit Will Travel
The past through tomorrow
The past through tomorrow
Past Through Tomorrow Future History Stories

Herbert, Frank


Laumer, Keith

The Bolo books
The Retief series

Niven, Larry

Ringworld; paperback
Ringworld Engineers; paperback
Ringworld : A Novel
The Ringworld Engineers
The Ringworld Throne; Hardback
The Ringworld Throne
Gift from Earth
The Best of All Possible Wars : The Best of the Man-Kzin Wars
The Man-Kzin Wars Vol 1
The Man-Kzin Wars II
Man-Kzin Wars III
Man-Kzin Wars IV
Man-Kzin Wars V
Man-Kzin Wars VI
Man-Kzin Wars VII
Neutron Star
Tales of Known Space : The Universe of Larry Niven
Three Books of Known Space
World of Ptavvs

With Jerry Pournelle

The Mote in God's Eye

Norton, Andre

Forerunner Foray
Forerunner Foray
Forerunner: The Second Venture
Brother to Shadows

with P.M. Griffen

Redline the Stars

with Sherwood Smith

Derelict For Trade: A great New Solar Queen Adventure
A Mind For Trade: A Great New Solar Queen Adventure
A Mind for Trade : A Great New Solar Queen Adventure (G K Hall Large Print Science Fiction Series)
Dark Piper
Exiles of the Stars
Galactic Derelict
Galactic Derelict
Redline the Stars
Uncharted Stars
Uncharted Stars
The Stars Are Ours!
Star Man's Son : 2250 A.D.
Star Gate
Star Gate
Star Guard
Star Hunter/Voodoo Planet
Star Born
The Sioux Spaceman
The Sioux Spaceman
Secret of the Lost Race (The Space Adventure Novels of Andre Norton)
Secret of the Lost Race
Sargasso of Space
Sargasso of Space
Plague Ship
Plague Ship (Solar Queen Series, Book 2)
Postmarked the Stars
Judgment on Janus
Judgment on Janus
Wheel of Stars

Piper, H. Beam

Space Viking

Pournelle, Jerry

Falkenberg's Legion
Codominium : Revolt on War World
Prince of Mercenaries (Falkenberg's Legion)

With S.M. Stirling

Go Tell the Spartans

With Larry Niven

Fallen Angels/Go Tell the Spartans/Prince of Sparta/Computer Disk (Turbo Books)
The Mote in God's Eye
Lucifer's Hammer

Smith, E.E. Doc

First Lensman
Space Patrol

Smith, George O.

Venus Equilateral

Swycaffer, Jeff

The Praesidium of Archive
Become the Hunted
Not in Our Stars
The Empire's Legacy (Tales of the Concordat, Book 1); Written in an Alternate Traveller Universe
Voyage of the Planet Slayer (New Infinities); As above
Revolt and Rebirth (Tales of the Concordat, Book 3); As above
Universal Prey

Vance, Jack

Lost Earth series