advisor - act as an advisor or group of advisors to an organization, company, or government involved in the Rebellion.

arrest - Get assigned to arrest somebody (a spy for example) who's involved in aiding another faction, or just involved in harming yours.

arson - Get hired to burn down an office, house, business building that's involved in some relatively important aspect of the Rebellion.

assassination - Get assigned/hired to assassinate somebody who wants there organization or government to help out another faction more (i.e. another faction than the person you're working for).

attache - Work as a diplomat for one faction trying to get an organization or government to help you side out more or to join your faction.

attack - attack an outpost, building, person, vehicle, ship, or other such involved in some aspect of the Rebellion.

bet - Nothing obvious pops to mind, correct? Well how about getting someone to gamble so you can blackmail them? How about betting that they couldn't outrace that car or truck coming down the road (which just happens to carry something or someone important, or just perhaps to help out on an assassination plot or bombing) causing an incident or accident. Or causes a starship to run out of fuel faster (with some possible help) due to racing.

blackmail - The idea is to get blackmail, or to perform blackmail on somebody who has some effect on the Rebellion. This person should be in government or business.

blackout - The idea is to blackout an area of a town or city during some critical point, or for a critical period of time. This could involve a break-in or bombing.

bombing - The job is to bomb an organization, building, person or meeting with the idea being that it will in some small way affect the outcome of the Rebellion.

bounty-hunting - During the time of the Rebellion, the job of bounty hunting took on new meanings.

break-in - See Burglary.

bribery - Attempt to find somebody to bribe as a spy, or to let you escape, or allow you to break-in to a place.

burglary - break in to a place to steal some plans that somehow involve one faction, these could be military plans, plans for a vehicle, plans for an important personage's vacation (so somebody can assassinate him more easily, or replace him), plans for ships, etc... The difference between a break-in and a burglary is rather small, so they might tend to be considered the same thing, the possibly difference being that a break-in will be known and hopefully the burglary won't.

capture - There are many things you could capture, an important personnage for one (albeit this is more of a kidnapping perhaps, unless one assumes that you want something else beyond the capturing, anyway, once you capture person, you could replace them with an impersonator). The main things you might capture would most likely be an item or place (this could range from a document or key to a battleship, from a emergency refuel site to a starport)

challenge - You've been challenged to a race/duel/as a coward/mountain climb/swim/etc...

claim place - Yes, there's a place/site/world that's been claimed by a government/organization/company. Your job is to stake it out till they send in an official team, no problem, right?

colonization - Yes, your group has agreed to provide transportation/First survey skills/etc... to a colonization group. You mean we forgot to mention that the place is already inhabited/about to?be/being colonized by the Aslan/claimed by the K'kree etc...

construct - You've been hired to assist/manage/sabotage a construction project (I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what sorta' trouble could happen, but claim place, colonization, challenge for example could be thrown in)

contain - Yes, you've been assigned to surround the local starport, oops, maybe just that house down the street, or was it that ship at the starport, oh well I can't remember.

contest - Money, always nice and there throughing a contest that you're really skilled (or desperately foolish enough to try) at.

corrupt - Yes, you've been hired by the FBI to conduct a sting operation, (well they did show us what appeared to be legal I.D.). You wish to get some blackmailing or extortion done, etc...

counter-espionage - The local spies need new faces and they figure you'rebunch is it. Or you're working for the government and they reassign you, or was that an organization or corporation.

coup d'etat - The starport is closed down, there's no way off planet, your in hiding and run into an underground organization..... Your in the Army/Navy/Marines/working for a Corporation who wants a friendlier government. By the way, you have limited resources, and there having a vote shortly..... Then again, maybe assassination is much faster and easier.

critter - You get to capture a critter, sounds easy and uncomplicated right? Well, not always, yes we know, it's only a butterfly, but it's guarded, you mean we forgot to mention that, oops, sorry, it's got no major protection though, it's on this lonely old dreadnought out on lone patrol in the middle of nowhere, should be no problem for you guys, right? Or it could be a deadly critter. Or it could be a deadly critter involved in another plot, like assassination, murder, extortion, etc..

crusade - Yes, your characters find themselves stranded out in the middle of some hell-hole of a planet, and what happens, you find yourselves face-to-face with some native religious lunatic, who's help you desperately need, and he's almost done with the classic 40 days in the wilderness/starvation/wondering and he see's you as a sign from GOD. Here you start thinking that those Join the Army posters to finish the war you say look real good at the moment.

dare - See challenge. Also, 'Hey guys, I here Efate's surrounded, if you guys are as hot as you say you are you should be able to land there and get back with no problem.

defend -

defend vs. enemy - You've been hired/drafted/elected/etc... to man an outpost in the middle of nowhere on some vacuumed rock a J3 away from any night life. The only good point, it's not near any warzone (well, that's what the intelligence reports said anyway)

deliver message - Nothing difficult right all you gotta do is go across town/continent/system/sector to deliver a simple note. Just because every spy/merc/assassin is every it should pose no problems, right?

desensitize security - As part of the effort to keep security up at certain installations (corporate, military, etc...), you've been elected/hired/etc... to test that security, the idea is just to probe the outer defenses, you figure no problem, even though you've never done this type of work before, you figure the moneys good and it's simple enough.

design - Hey, captain, you know that little doohickey that enables the power plant to feed power to the ship without shorting everything out, well, it broke. Good news is that we should be able to pick one up at our next jump, once we get off of here. By the way I heard on the radio while I was working on it that the Zhodani/Vargr/Aslan/Faction/police/etc... were on the way here, they said something about coming for us/slagging the world/starport/etc.... Boy, isn't it a good day Captain.

destruction - Easy, you get assigned to destroy something/someone/someplace. Piece of cake right? Just because there's the equivalent of a Zhodani division guarding the site with appropriate special forces, and some nincompoop in the rear echelon made a typo on what you're supposed to hit (woops, that belonged to us, not them) destruction of evidence - There's a piece of evidence relating to someone IMPORTANT in a criminal investigation, you've got to remove it/him/her/them. Just because you guys didn't know that it was someone else's set-up shouldn't cause any delays, right?

detain - Simple, you just need to detain this one individual who's going by this one spot, we'll even have people to replace you in a few days (and we're not expecting him for awhile). Of course he is a terrorist/merc/etc... and just because he's early by a little bit, and being followed by appropriate personnel and your in that typical one horse town/world/etc....

diplomatic - The corporation/government/race you're working for really doesn't want to be involved in the current circumstances (being split between factions and accused of espionage perhaps or being invaded, etc...), since you're an uninvolved party (either because your new here, or you work both sides of the fence) you get elected.

disaster support - We need some help organizing/shipping things/etc.... at this location/site/world. Of course a SNAFU is involved (Situation Normal, All F_____ Up).

disaster aid - Hey guys, glad your here, we've got this little out of the way place (island, mountain top, middle of Gobi desert equivalent) that's just had a disaster and we could use your help to get them out after there (tidal wave, earthquake, hurricane, dust storm, blizzard). Just because they didn't tell you it was a Bio/Nuc/Med/Zoo facility and there's other dangerous hazards around.

discipline - Some of our mercs/corporate executives/militia need to learn some discipline techniques. Just because some S___ is going to hit the fan while you're working your tails off.

discredit - Your job is to discredit somebody, either because there good at what they do (like evangelizing for another faction, want to use another company), or their a witness to an event, now there's many ways you can go about this (and just because the side that hired you decided to have a sudden change of mind)

diversion - Piece of cake, all you need to do is be obvious and noisey. Just because the other side knows your coming (did they tell?) or as your dropping on grav and get told your doing the real attack, someone screwed up.

double agent - You hired to locate a double agent (or was that as a double agent). By the way NOBODY knows about you guys, so you should be perfectly safe right?

duel - See challenge/dare.

escort person - simple, just take person from one spot to another. No glitches, right??? The person is willing of course. Just because he acts like he's drugged/hunted/scared/escaping....

evaluate development - Something has developed somewhere, someone or some company has something there not supposed to have. A new critter has been found where it's not supposed to be. A new item needs testing (jet/shoes/ship/etc...)

execution - Simple, all you need to do is execute somebody and it's legit, right??? Of course the social/religious/friends of the family problem's weren't explained, but you wanted to get it over fast.

evaluate development - A test is being conducted (or a new item is being tested). It's your job to evaluate the results to date, or conduct the next stage of the test.

execute -

execution -

extortion -

explore - Sounds easy, where's that solid gold asteroid now, what's under that next rock, low on supplies, under siege, being attacked, no big deal, but that bomb that's ticking away in fron of you might be since your stuck till the landslide is cleared.

extortion - Just because the guys a local cop/mobster/axe murderer/local diety, it should be no problem.

find person - locate a missing person (or are they hiding?).

foray -

fortress - study, build, destroy, break-in.

feud - Stop one. Start one. Be in the middle when one goes off. Join the wrong side.

frame - Frame somebody for something. See extortion, bribery, assassination.

free person - Release a prisoner (He's a good guy right, name of Charley Manson, no problem).

gambling - See Bet.

game - play a game. Just because your life depends on it. Or it's the only way out/off of where you are.

guard - Protect something/somebody/someplace. Of course maybe it doesn't want to be guarded or because it's the subject of some sort of attack.

hijacking - You're being hijacked (are you passengers or owners?). Or are you doing the hijacking. Is it a starship or other vehicle? And then of course there's them plot complications.

hostage taking - You're supposed to take a hostage in trade for something (money, release of someone else, starship, etc...). Of course, your turned in once the set-up is over.

infiltration - Your job, should you chose to take it is to infiltrate: criminal group (pirates, mafia), planet, corp, government conspiracy, rebel group, military. The idea is that you are supposed to catch someone or something, or possibly just create some mayhem. Of course, the fun can always start if they find out that there are supposed to be infiltrators.

installation break-in - Piece of cake, just go in grab something and get out, right? Then you find out the job has gone bad, and your side decided to turn you in, the installation knows your coming, just not exactly when. It's just a test, they are just running a security check on their facility (business or military). You're only supposed to use stunners/paint guns/blanks. But when you enter things start going wrong, they are using live rounds on you, was it a set-up to kill you, or capture you?

intelligence gathering - Easy job, you could do it in your sleep, all you need to do is get a simple piece of info. Then of course the fun possibilities occur. First you've got to get the info to the person who wanted it. Second, did you get the real stuff, or is it a set-up to get your current employer out after you? invasion - What invade, a small group of PC's, you gotta be kidding right?

investigation - Your job is to investigate a crime (kidnapping, theft, break-in, toxic waste dumping), or background of an employee/aide/associate/fiancee.

jihad -

kidnapping -

kill critter - Some sort of critter has been doing things in the area endangering people/property/etc... Your job is to kill it. Unluckily there might be complications such as maybe the critter is normally harmless but has reason to be doing what it does and maybe it's intelligent.

larceny -

liaison -

libel -

locate -

map -

mentor -

modify -

monitoring - Your job is too monitor/oversee something. A test, how well the guards or security works, the environmental impact of something, the habits of a critter, etc... The usual complications.

overseeing -

patrol border - It's a drek of a job, boring, useless. But hey, it's a break from what was going on from before right? Than something finally breaks the dull routine.

patrol hot zone - It's a combat zone, no doubt about it. Whether it's your local city block, the hottest desert, the deepest ocean or whatever. No major complications, while dangerous the job should be easy as you know who your enemy is, or don't you?

pilgrimage -

piracy -

prison break-in -

profiteering -

protect -

protection racket -

racketeering -

raid - It's easy just raid a certain location, get in, get what you need, get out. But something goes wrong either on the way in, while your in, on the way out or afterwards. Maybe you get found out, maybe someone else is raiding at the same time, maybe what you get is what you wanted.

rebuild -

recon - See Scout.

recover ship/vehicle -

recruitment -

release -

repair -

representative -

rescue person - Your job is to rescue a person. Either they've been threatened by a natural disaster, kidnapped, or are about to be in some sort of danger (like assassination, kidnapping, etc.)

research - Your job is to assist in some research being done. Either as researchers, guards, or involuntary (or did you actually volunteer?) test subjects.

revolt -

rivalry -

robbery - A friend, associate, someone a friend of yours knows, etc... has a money making proposition for you, a quick and safe robbery of what's on thier person on a certain day. Of course something goes wrong, the item is even more valuable than guessed or was presumed that the party was going to carry. The robbery is found out in some way, either before or after. Than again maybe your just doing your own robbery with similar results.

sabotage -

salvage -

scam -

scout - Just look the area over you were told. No prob, except something happens either during the scout, or the story you were told as to why was a lie and you find out afterwards.

security - You're to act as security at some site, just temporarily. Maybe they just need a few extra hands or maybe you're all there is. But of course something happens while your doing your job, a break-in, a failed experiment, a critter gets loose, etc...

seduction -

setup base/camp -

setup hide-out -

shanghai -

sieze -

silence someone -  Someone's saying things that aren't supposed to be said or knows of something that they might talk about. It's your job to silence them. Of course if this person is actually telling the truth (or tells you more of the truth than your employer)?

slander -

smuggling -

speculation -

spying -

subversion -

support staff -

surveillance -

swindle -

switch -

tailing - Your job is to tail a subject, an employee or fiancee, etc... Except something goes wrong, or the reason you where hired is a lie?

terrorism -

test of ability -

test development -

test of loyalty - Your job, should you choose to do it is to test the loyalty of an employee/friend/mate/ally. Seems simple enough and the pay is good, but.... Can involve aspects of espionage, bribery, kidnapping, etc...

threaten someone - The A-team strikes again, it's your job to stop someone from bugging your concerned party (who might be a friend). Of course said person doesn't scare easily, either because he has friends too, or is too stupid or crazy to care.

thug -

trailblazing -

transport message -

transport media -

transport person -

transport goods -

transport to prison -

transport from prison -

usury -